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  • Lexington Educational Article of the Month - House mouse trapping: how to trap a house mouse

House mouse trapping: how to trap a house mouse

House mouse trapping: how to trap a house mouse

What you are going to use to trap a Lexington house mouse will depend on at what stage your infestation is at. Did the mice just arrived in the last day or so, have they been there for a month or two, have they been around for the last six months or more. If they are newly arrived there is probably only one or two of them at this stage, if they arrived a month or two ago there is probably between 10 and 20 of them, if they've been in the house for more than six months there is still only probably a dozen or so because all the rest would've grown up and left home.

The most common way to trap Lexington house mice is with snap traps, these traps are of course fatal and if you use them you need to remove dead mice from them as quick as possible to stop the other Kentucky mice from seeing the victim and becoming wary of traps for a few days. The most common baits used by professionals is peanut butter and bacon, they all agree these two things have a strong odor which attracts the mice. A lot of professionals also say that if the mice have become wary of traps leave some bait on the trap plate without setting the trap, this allows the mice to take the bait without getting hurt so they then think the trap is safe, when they returned for another feed the trap is loaded.

There is a second type of trap that is becoming more and more common and that is the type of trap where the mouse is caught alive, though after you catch it you have to dispose of it, and by using this type of trap you probably don't want to kill it. One solution to having a live mouse in a trap and not wanting to kill it is to keep it as a pet, however this requires something like an old fish tank to keep captured Kentucky mice in and you can never take them out like a real pet mouse because the moment you do they will escape and you will be back at square one.

Whatever type of trap you use the Lexington mice will first of all get to understand that thing you are using is dangerous, and they will avoid it, however they are easily fooled by just moving the trap, their brains seem to know that the thing in that position is dangerous, but if you move it they cannot associate the two things so they will still fall for the trap.

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