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  • Lexington Educational Article of the Month - How to get pigeons out of your attic

How to get pigeons out of your attic

How to get pigeons out of your attic

There are a whole bunch of reasons why if you have wild Lexington pigeons nesting in your attic you want them gone, the main one being that each adult pigeon drops up to 1 pound of poop every week, a lot of which will wind up in your attic, on top of that pigeons are known to carry a few nasty diseases which humans and our pets can catch. The first problem you have to overcome is that Kentucky pigeons are one of the most determined creatures on earth, once they decide your attic is home they will never give up trying to get back into the attic. The biggest problem we have with pigeons is that they are basically a dirty bird, they don't care where they poop or what parasites they have on themselves.

There is another downside to pigeon poop, it is a very corrosive material, given time or the amount of it, pigeon poop has been known to damage concrete, limestone and all metals, due to this nearly all municipalities have a proportion of their budget devoted to cleaning up this mess. The most recommended method for getting Lexington pigeons out of your attic is to chase the pigeons out and once they are all outside block up all the holes they used to get back inside, that will effectively cure the problem for today but after that there is a considerably large job of cleaning up the mess they have left behind.

Also you will now have the problem that every single day a Lexington pigeon or three will come back trying to get back into the attic and if one finds a way in then all the rest will soon follow and you are right back where you started from. The most assured method of keeping them out of your attic is first of all to block out all the holes from the inside and from the outside using wiremesh that the Kentucky pigeons cannot get through, once you've done that if you can afford it go round the outside of the house where they were using the now blocked up entrances and cover those entrances a second time with roosting spikes.

No matter what once you had Kentucky pigeons in your attic you'll need to go round your house every month or less and check for new holes, pigeons themselves cannot make holes but other animals can and will, then pigeons will use them.

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